It’s My Lucky Day!

I don’t typically consider myself a lucky person. It’s not to say that bad things are a regular feature of my life, but I’m not that person who happens to get bumped up to first class “just because” and somehow I tend to pick the line at the grocery store in which someone ahead of me always has an issue.

However, last Thursday I experienced not just one bit of good luck, but two!! Although now that I think about it, the cynic in me is  wondering what “luck gods” are going to want retribution for this bounty from Fortuna. Anyway…

A little Bit of Literary Luck

During the summer my local library hosts a reading program for adults. Each time you finish reading a book you fill out a little slip of paper with the title, author, your name, and contact info. The slip then goes into a weekly drawing of prizes. Since I read year-round, this a no-brainer for me to participate in. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want prizes for something they already do?

My literary greed paid off because last week, only the second week into the program, my slip was drawn from the lot. Me! Winner! Yay!!! My prize? A $15 gift certificate to Wallace Books, a local book store that I now have a perfect excuse to visit.

Prizes for reading. What a wonderful world!

Prizes for reading. What a wonderful world!

But that’s not all, if I keep entering I could win a bigger prize in the grand drawing at the end of the summer. So, nose in book, fingers crossed (although that does make it hard to hold the book), and hope the good luck holds out!!

Crazy Good Art Luck As well!

There’s nothing like opening your email to see this subject line: Congratulations! Especially when you know it’s not a hunk of spam in your inbox.

A couple weeks ago I answered a call for artists that had been sent to my local chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America. The call was an opportunity to have your art displayed at The Broadway Gallery, a retail gallery in Longview, Washington (about an hour north of Portland).


The Broadway Gallery shop front.

The Broadway Gallery shop front. (Image from

I sent in five images of my work and then right after I hit Send I worried that I should have sent different images (because I am an expert at worrying over things like that). There was no reply saying the email was received (which also sets off my Worry Alert system), so I figured it might a while before I heard back.

A while turned out to only be a little over a week and a half with a hearty congratulations and a calendar for me to select my show dates from. I opted for August.

Oh, and that’s August 2017. It seems a little odd to be planning that far ahead, but at least I’ll have plenty of time to create new work….and plenty of time to fret over which pieces to put in the show! Still it’s very exciting to have been selected for another show in a gallery and I’m really looking forward to see how it all plays out.

This will be MY wall in August 2017!

This will be MY wall in August 2017! (Image from

Any luck (good or bad) wander your way this past week? I’d love to hear about it! And be sure to come back Friday to see a new piece of art that was a long time in the making.

* * *

Tammie Painter is the author of The Trials of Hercules and an artist who dedicates herself to the tedium of creating Images with colored pencil. Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Be sure to check out this month’s Showcase Items at her Etsy shop.




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    Yaaaay! Congratulations on your good fortune! Since these things are said to come in threes, you should probably buy a lottery ticket too 😀 Enjoy spending your free reading money and planning your next gallery show!

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