Thunder, Lightning, Brainstorming!!

Lately I ‘ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed. Not only is there my usual work of slogging through the third draft of the next book in my fiction series and toiling away with my colored pencils to keep up a steady stream of artwork, but there’s also the many things I need to/want to/should do such as

  1. figuring how to improve my Etsy shop and drive more traffic to it
  2. getting better at social media
  3. trying new styles and mediums with my art
  4. getting more exposure for my art
  5. staying on track with my writing
  6. improving this blog, including getting more readers to interact
  7. and, of course, trying to earn a bit of income through all these efforts

Sorry, My Brain Is Full

While I like to think of myself as fairly organized (anyone who knows me for more than ten minutes will know all about my array of to-do, to-read, to-draw, to-etc. lists). But I had so many little chores going around and around my head, I felt as if my brain was full and that I could never get to any of them.

But I had to get to them or these things (Etsy shop, social media, blog, income) would just continue plodding along as slowly as ever. If I was ever going to improve the business side of my creative endeavors, I needed to organize my plan of attack.

And so I sat down to a bit of brainstorming.

Three-Day Storm

I’m not much of a brainstormer. In fact, this was the first time I’d really made an effort to use this approach to organize my world. But brainstorming seemed a good fit in this case since the ideas that were floating around in my head were orbiting central points like little idea planets around a thematic sun. Or rather like a brainstorming diagram.

On the first day of Project Take Over World with my Creative Genius I wrote down the main “themes” I needed to sort out and spaced them along the center of my page. Then, I went crazy writing down everything that came to mind for those themes. Some of these things were pretty basic (“stay on schedule”), but others were more specific (“look into how to lower shipping costs”).


Day One: Illegible scrawl, aka “secret code”

Luckily I had just gotten a lovely variety of colors of LePen pens. After all, when you’re plotting to take over the world, it’s very important to color code your plans.

The next day I headed several pieces of paper with one “theme” at the top of each page then, after deciphering my brainstorming scrawl, I numbered and wrote out each idea or goal I came up with for that theme with a short description of what needed to be done.


Day Two: More paper, more colors!

On Day Three it was time to put the plans into action, or rather to schedule out my battle plans. Using time frames of a couple weeks, a month,  three months, or six months, I gave each idea a time frame for when it could feasibly be completed and – using lots of colors – I pulled out my very professional cartoon elephant calendar and set to planning.


Day Three: Bring on the elephants!

Time Wasted?

To complete this World Takeover Plan I did spend about three or four hours of time that could have been spent working on writing or art projects, but I don’t feel it was wasted time. My head feels much clearer and I feel uber-organized and, yes, ready to take on the world. Although if a spy ring comes along and steals my calendar I could be in trouble. Hopefully Finn McSpool isn’t a double agent!

He looks innocent, but how trustworthy is he?

He looks innocent, but how trustworthy is he?

Thanks for reading everyone! Over the next few months I hope you’ll enjoy joining me on my journey to implement My Plan. (Step One was to put a couple social media links on my blog, as you can see over there on the right if you read posts via my blog’s web page.)

So, how do you stay organized, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed? 


Tammie Painter is the author of The Trials of Hercules and an artist who dedicates herself to the tedium of creating Images with colored pencil. Each month she features several Showcase Items on the virtual shelves of her Etsy shop.


9 thoughts on “Thunder, Lightning, Brainstorming!!

  1. Lavelle says:

    I should take some of these ideas and put them to use for quilting projects and a few other projects going around in my head, I think the hardest thing is to get it down on paper–once a person gets to that point at least it is one accomplishment in the world of getting organized…

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  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Psssst! Finn! FINN! Tell me what Tammie’s Taking Over the World plans are so I can use them! The brainstorming system seems like a good start, anyway… I love having ideas! It’s the sticking to my new master plan afterwards that I have trouble with. So good luck, and please remember me and the Beasties when you’re rich and famous 😀

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    • painterwrite says:

      Ahhh, I could never forget the– wait what was I supposed to not forget? Well the Master Plan is now spread out into easily manageable chunks on the old elephant calendar so now I HAVE to stick to it. It’s just a matter of if doing any of this will make a difference. ☹️🤔😋 Wait, what is Finn doing with that little camera?!

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      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Ha! Unless that camera is made of felt, I can’t claim any responsibility. And I have the utmost faith in the motivational power of the elephant calendar! If I can get stuff done using my beat-up generic black diary filled with illegible pencil scrawlings, you should be pretty much unstoppable.

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      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Sounds like a plan. I used to work for someone who had the world’s worst handwriting… maybe I should have read more “take the day off” in those memos! Talk about a missed opportunity… 😆

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