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The Thrill of Not Being a Writer

This past week I learned how exciting it is NOT to be a writer.

“But, I thought you were a writer?” I hear you confusedly mumbling.

No, I haven’t given up writing to dedicate my creative time entirely to art, but last week I got my name in the paper, not as an article’s byline, but as its topic. And no, before you ask, this wasn’t an entry in the police logs.

Oh No, She’s Marketing Again

Fair Warning to My Regular Readers: I will be going on yet again about my solo art show in this post. You may roll your eyes as you see fit.

I’m no Marketing Maven. I don’t even think I’ve made it to Marketing Apprentice yet, but after releasing my past couple books, I have picked up a few marketing ploys that I don’t cringe at doing. One is creating a postcard to send out, another is sending out a quick newsletter (which you can sign up for here), and the other is your standard press release.

Postcards, aka "non-cringe-inducing marketing"

Postcards, aka “non-cringe-inducing marketing”

To be honest, I had no idea where to send an art-related press release and barely knew what to put in the release other than the usual who, what, where, when, and why (why as in why in the world should anyone care). Still, I whipped up a quick press release and came up with a short list of local media sources I thought might have a microgram of interest in the news.

UnknownA couple local events papers put my show in their events calendars (which are notoriously impossible to search), but one editor contacted me asking to do an article about the show. After calming replying, “Yes, that would be great.” I stepped away from the email and cavorted around the house doing a happy dance.


Playing the Waiting Game

The next edition of the weekly paper came out. I flipped through it five times. No article. The editor emailed and said he wasn’t able to get to it, but he would for the next edition. Well, next edition came out. Still no article. Ah well, I thought, at least I got some sort of response.

When last week’s paper came out, I’d almost forgotten about the promised article, but grabbed a copy anyway. Imagine my excitement when, after only turning a couple pages, there was my headshot, a decent-sized article all about the show, and even a couple pictures of my artwork (not exactly the ones I would have selected, by you can’t argue with free advertising).

tammie painter, clackamas review

Despite its ups and downs, I do enjoy writing, but I have to say, when it comes to seeing your name in print, it’s so much better to kick back and let someone else do the word crafting!

Oh, and a big thanks to Raymond Rendleman (Clackamas Review editor) for his work on the article!

If you’d like to read the article, just follow this link: Red Soils hosts Milwaukie Artist Tammie Painter’s First Solo Show

So tell me, what’s put a smile on your face over the past week? 

* * *

TAMMIE PAINTER is the author of THE TRIALS OF HERCULES: BOOK ONE OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES and an artist who dedicates herself to the tedium of creating IMAGES with colored pencil. Click HERE to take a peek at some of her Showcase Items.


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    Nice! Congratulations on your feature… It’s such a good feeling when someone else takes an interest in your work! I had a tutorial idea accepted by a magazine a couple of weeks ago, which had me doing a happy dance of my own 😀

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