It’s Time for a Revival!!

No, don’t worry, I haven’t called up a fire-and-damnation preacher to spout a bunch of “Hallelujahs” to a crowd of worshippers in a tent in the middle of a field. The revival I’m talking about is that of my Etsy shop which has been dormant for a few months. The revival not only includes new listings, but a few new features as well. And, unfortunately, along with the good news of the revival, there is a death to report.

No, no, no, not THAT kind of revival.

No, no, no, not THAT kind of revival.

Update (1 May 2016)

I’ve decided to make the items featured in my shop follow a theme each month. To me, May means flowers and time in the garden, so….

During the month of May, the showcase items at my Etsy shop are all intended to get you in the mood for spring flowers and gardening. Showcase items include my two gardening books, Going Native and the My Garden Journal.

If you have a brown thumb, then maybe some botanical art such as “Amaryllis,” “Black-Eyed Susans,” or “Conservatory Pink” is more your style. Of course, once you’re done gardening, why not kick back with a great novel.

Continuation of original post….

Why the Revival?

Anything on my Etsy shop’s virtual shelves can also be purchased directly through me. However, despite my policy of always providing clear documentation for any transaction, I realize that some people aren’t comfortable purchasing art and books through some random website.

Like most big online retailers, Etsy provides a few reassurances to ease your shopping paranoia, so I figured I would put a few “featured” items on my Etsy shop. This keeps me from having to donate a bunch of money to Etsy for listing fees while still giving shoppers a taste of what I have to offer.

(By the way, the inspiration for this method of Etsy-ing came from CrawCrafts Beasties, a shop that features a handful of the cutest monsters you’ll ever see.)

What’s Going to Be Featured?

To get the Etsy ball rolling, I’ve started with six featured listings (three pieces of art and three books). Because it’s spring and time to get in the garden, I decided to include my two gardening books as well as a couple pieces of botanical art for those of you with brown thumbs. Of course, I’ve got The Trials of Hercules up on the shop and, as it was a voters’ favorite, “Red Car” is up for grabs as well.

trials of hercules, books,


Future featured listing will include one or two new items a month, and since I can’t write one or two books a month, these new listings will typically be new pieces of art. Keep in mind though, that when books are listed, they are always a great bargain!

So What’s New?

This may seem like the same old same old for the shop. One key difference though is that you can now buy original pieces of art through my Etsy shop as well as prints. Also, prints are now limited edition which means they will be signed and numbered, and only a certain number of the prints will be made (making them a tad more special if I ever become uber famous).

Tammie painter art, artwork, art, colored pencil, coloured pencil art, colored pencil art, clackamas county arts alliance

You can read more about what you get with prints and originals here.

What’s Old?

After filling a few orders for greeting cards, I realized keeping cards on the shop was no longer time- nor cost-efficient so these have been removed. However, that doesn’t mean cards have gone completely away because I’ve switched over to a custom order system.

Out with the old, and...

Out with the old, and…

In with the new.

in with the new.

These new cards will have the image of your choice printed directly onto the front and will be sold in packs of 10 or more. Prices start at $20 and this includes the cards, envelopes, and shipping. What a deal!

You can read a little more about the cards here.

And a Death in the Family

imagesThis is a bit off-topic, but Sketchbook Saturday has met its demise. There simply wasn’t enough participation/interest to keep it going and I was beginning to feel a little silly sharing my sketches with everyone when no one else was sharing back. You may send flowers, but there won’t be an official ceremony to honor the dead.

* * *

TAMMIE PAINTER is the author of THE TRIALS OF HERCULES: BOOK ONE OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES and an artist who dedicates herself to the tedium of creating IMAGES with colored pencil. Click HERE to learn all about her first solo exhibition.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Revival!!

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Oooh, exciting! And thanks for the mention 😀 I really like the idea of having seasonally-themed items in your shop as well… Good thinking! I had a moment’s silence for the demise of Sketchbook Saturday, too… For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed the prompts back in February, when I actually had the free time to tackle them properly.

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    • painterwrite says:

      Yes, it’s sad that Grim Reaper Beastie had to come for Sketchbook Saturday, but it was getting to be too time consuming on my end, as well. Now Saturdays are freed up for exciting things like house cleaning! ☹️☹️

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      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Don’t worry, Sketchbook Saturday is in a better, fuzzier place now if Grim Reaper Beastie had anything to do with it. Cleaning Saturday doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I could probably use some motivation in that area myself 😆


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