Sketchbook Saturday Week #10 – No Erasers Allowed

This week’s Sketchbook Saturday may put the perfectionists out there into a tizzy, but if I can put down my trusty eraser, so can you!

WEEK #10 PROMPT: Put Down the Eraser

One aspect of my art that I wish I could improve upon is doing quick sketches from life (which I’m hoping to improve with these weekly sketching tasks). I was on a plane once and saw a woman with a sketchbook just whipping out perfect sketch after perfect sketch of people roaming the aisles, waiting for the loo, and getting that “oooh” look when the food trolley was on its way.

When I try to “rapid sketch” an object or scene I see before me, the result is something whose best use would be to line my guinea pigs’ cage. Give me an hour or two with the same subject and I can come up with a pretty good drawing, but a quick sketch? Nope.

Give me an hour or two in a drawing class and I can come up with this. Make me sketch quick and I'll end up with a blob of circles.

Give me an hour or two in a drawing class and I can come up with this. Make me sketch quickly and I’ll just end up with a blob of circles.

If your sketching woes are similar to mine, one of the ways to cure this problem is to force yourself to draw quickly without making any changes. And that means (gulp) putting down your eraser. This helps you toss aside the urge to edit your drawing and lets you get down to the nitty gritty of what you see before you.

These are banned this week!!

These are banned this week!!

So, for this week I want you to find a pencil without an eraser (to avoid temptation) and to go outside and sketch something (you can stay inside if it’s nasty out). Give yourself no more than 15 to 20 minutes for your sketch. My suggestion is to pick something with simple shapes – a flower, a bench, a book. Once you feel comfortable with a simple subject, try moving up to something more complicated like a person, an animal, or your sunglasses (unless it’s really bright out, I don’t want anyone going blind for this prompt).

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your sketches (see how to share below)!

MY WEEK #10 RESULT: In the Garden with No Eraser 

With the super wonderful weather we’ve been having in Portland, I couldn’t resist going out in the garden and attempting a quick sketch of a cluster of pink tulips growing under my espalier.


The shapes are deceptively simple and I had a little trouble getting the shading just right to add some perspective to the sketch. I also didn’t plan out things very well so some leaves and stems that should have been drawn last were drawn first, leading to a tangle of overlapping lines. Trust me, it was very hard not to run inside and get my eraser!


All in all, not terrible, but this is definitely a skill I need to work at.


Once you’ve sketched this week, be sure to show off your work. The best way to do so is to join in on the Sketchbook Saturday blogging event. Here’s how…

How Do I Participate?

The easiest way is to follow this blog so you get each week’s prompt right in your email Inbox (see sign-up thingie at the right side of this page). After each week’s prompt, have fun with it. These are sketches and are meant to be enjoyable, not something you try to make perfect. Then, please share what you came up with (go on, be brave, if I can do it, so can you!).

You can share your creation by blog or by Facebook (for those of you who don’t want to clutter up your blog with sketches).

Participating By Blog

  1. Post your sketch on your own blog (even better…write a post to go along with it to describe how you came up with your sketch).
  2. Include a link somewhere within your post to the week’s prompt on my blog that inspired you.
  3. Leave a comment on the Sketchbook Saturday post with the prompt you used. In the comment, add a link to your blog post.

Participating By Facebook

  1. Go to my Facebook page once you’ve completed your sketch.
  2. Scroll a bit to find the post for the prompt you used (Week 10, in this case).
  3. Leave a comment with a snapshot of your sketch.
  4. Share the Sketchbook Saturday post with your friends and followers (this is optional, but it’s a great way to get others to play along).

What If I Don’t Draw?

Don’t judge yourself too harshly. You can’t get better at drawing if you don’t do it. Plus, this is meant to be fun and simply to get your creative juices flowing, so give sketching a shot.

If you find your creative juices flow in other ways, such as writing or crafts or collage, I’d love to see those works as well. Simply create something based on the prompt and share following the guide above.

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  1. A says:

    My first love was an incredible artist. I used to adore watching him draw/sketch/paint, I used to have a bunch of his work (that he considered crap lol). It always amazed me how he could sit down and draw something so very realistic or fantastical without a second thought. Anyone who can create art whether it takes 5 minutes or a week has my respect!

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