I’ve Been Framed!

This week my art time has been spent away from my colored pencils and has instead been devoted to prepping my work for my upcoming solo exhibition (which starts next week….Squeeee!). That prep work has meant suffering the tedium of framing my artwork. Ugh.

You’d think with the amount of detail throw into my drawings/paintings that I’d be one of those completely anal people who enjoy the nit-picky work of making everything look perfect. No. I love creating art, but I hate doing the final work of presentation. If I was a baker, I would be making delicious cakes (mmmm…..cake), but no one would eat them because the decoration would be a slapped on heap of icing with maybe a few sugar sprinkles to pretty it up.

I'm sure it tastes great.
I’m sure it tastes great.

So, since framing is basically the icing on the artwork cake, I’ve dreaded this week’s chore. Especially as I’m afraid of messing anything up and being told by the art installation lady that she is NOT putting my ugly cakes up on the gallery walls.

The week’s first task was following to the letter the very detailed guidelines the Clackamas County Arts Alliance gave me for where to put the wire on the backs of my frames. This wasn’t so bad. Just a bit of precise measuring, a bit of cursing at trying to use the screwdriver without breaking my frames, and some sore hands after wrapping the wire.

It looks all nice and organized, but appearances are very deceiving in this case.
It looks all nice and organized, but appearances are very deceiving in this case.

Note: At this point I also have to say that the companies who make D-rings (the little rings that go on the back of the frames and to which the wire is attached) are complete and utter jerks. Every frame needs two D-rings. So, what do they do? They sell the f-ing D-rings in packs of three. This means that for two frames, you have to buy three packs of D-rings. Jerks! Anyway…

The next task was taking care of someone’s idiot moment. See, on three of the frames I found that fit my budget (seriously, frames are stupid expensive), some super genius had put the price stickers on the glass. Brilliant. Luckily, the clever people at GoodHousekeeping.com had advice that mostly worked – you soak the tag in olive oil until it unsticks…unfortunately then you are left with oil all over the front of your frame. Sigh…

Duh. Just duh!
Duh. Just duh!

With the stickers off (this took a lot longer than I thought it would), I cleaned each frame’s glass VERY carefully. All I need at this point into break one of these things. Finally, it was time take a deep breath before I popped the artwork behind a mat and put each piece in a frame.

Two down, seven to go.
Two down, seven to go.
I've passed the halfway point now!
I’ve passed the halfway point now!

Unfortunately, my counting skills were a bit lacking the last time I went to the store and I ended up one mat short. I suppose “On the Rocks” works with a cream mat, but I think to tie everything together the piece should have a black mat. So, I get to make yet another trip to the store for this project.


Besides purchasing the extra mat, all that’s left to do is to attach some labels to the back of each frame, give everything one more tidy up, and then take them in to be hung on the gallery walls on the 14th.

Unless my inner klutz takes over and I end up dropping everything in the parking lot and smashing them to pieces on my way into the gallery, I’ll be posting pictures of the installation next week (Squeeee again!!!!)

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