As if everyone isn’t already completely sick of me going on and on about my upcoming art show, this week I received some promo swag for the show so I can start annoying people who don’t read this blog about the upcoming event. (Sorry, I can’t help but go on about this damn show since, one, I’m still in shock I was selected, and two, a solo show is a huge deal for an artist with no real show experience.)

The first bits of promo swag are some fancy-schmancy postcards. I spent wayyyyy too much time deciding which pieces would go on the card, then spent even more time messing around with their placement. Luckily Vistaprint has super easy templates to work with and the cards came out mighty nice, if I do say so.


I wasn’t really planning on getting anything besides the postcards, but Vistaprint was having a huge 40% off sale and I just couldn’t resist getting some new business cards. Besides, my current business cards were very plain and have a web address on them I no longer use. The new cards really pack a punch and gave me a chance to put a piece of my artwork on them.


But wait, what about the artwork for the show? Despite losing two days of work to this stupid head cold, I am about one week away from being done with the final two pieces (unless some other virus decides to use my body as its breeding ground). I’ll describe these a bit more when they’re done (and when I’m feeling fully better and back to my bloggy self), but here’s a peek…


I am cutting it close to getting these done in time. REALLY close. Although my show isn’t until mid-April, I need to have the label sheet completed and to the event coordinator by the end of March, which means within the next couple weeks I need to know which pieces (and their titles) I will be showing. Which means, no room for error.

And this is where I have to get clever in case I screw up these final two pieces that are in progress (something that is highly probable). Luckily, during the wee hours of the morning when I was unable to sleep due to being unable to breathe through the wall of snot blockading my nostrils, I came up with a cunning plan:

Since I’ve rarely screwed up any graphite drawing I’ve done, if these two in-progess pieces do end up looking like road kill, my back up plan is to do them in graphite and then simply add hints of color in key places. This will let me use the same titles (and same labels) regardless of which version I end up showing.

Actually, I may enact this plan this even if I don’t screw up the in-progress colored pencil versions since I’m now curious to see how they’ll look.

Have a great weekend everyone and beware of cold viruses…they are evil, evil things!

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