Disaster Has Struck!!

Disaster has struck my studio!

Okay, it’s just a minor head cold and in the scheme of all the horrors in the world (I’m of course thinking of Donald Trump), a head cold really isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Still, with only a handful of weeks left to get the final two pieces of art done for my upcoming show, I do not have time for some stupid virus to slow me down.

These Works In Progress don't have time for any viral games!

These Works In Progress don’t have time for any viral games!

While today is just the first day I’m feeling the first twinges of potential mucous overflow, my husband has been sick all week – which means I get to blame him for this and it means I know what my potential health status in the immediate future could be. Although my colds tend to be far less severe than his, he’s done little more than sleep the past three days and I just don’t have time for that sort of thing.

So, to get the most work time in before full-on viral disaster takes over my system, I’m going to make this week’s (F)ine Art Friday a short one and get into the studio to crank out some art while I can still hold my head up.


Stay healthy everyone.


7 thoughts on “Disaster Has Struck!!

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Eeeek! Hope you’re still fending off those germs successfully! When I feel a cold lurking in the wings, I slice up half a lemon, half an orange and some fresh ginger, then add hot water and boil it up for 15 minutes with a few black peppercorns and cloves. Throw in some honey at the end, and enjoy 😀 Stay healthy!

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