Saturday Selections: The Losers of 2015

As promised last year around this time (and just yesterday for those of you keeping track), it’s time for my Losers of 2015. In my Saturday Selections feature my goal is to try to combat a bit of the usual negativity we see so much of on the Interwebs. Each week(-ish) I share with you something positive, something I enjoyed, and something I hope you might try to bring a little “Yay” to your life.

But as anyone who knows me can attest, I am not always positive. In fact, my thermostat is normally stuck on Cynicism most of the time. And today, my snarky side gets to shine. So, let’s take peek at just a few of the things that had me wanting to run and hide from humanity this year (more than usual, that is).

Saturday De-Selections of 2015

Book: The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth. There’s something about Vikings that fascinates me. Sure they were the terrorists of their time, but they also have some interesting social constructs, weave some great myths, and bolstered many cities that still flourish all while having sea adventures. These are not boring people, but Winroth somehow makes them the most boring group in all of history. I know the point was to show another side of the Vikings, but seriously, how can you make Vikings boring? A better option is a comparison of the Celts (another intriguing group) and Vikings called From Mist and Stone by George Stone.

Movie: What We Do In the Shadows. I can already hear the flak for this now because some people are rating this as one of the funniest movies ever. I know funny. I love dark comedy, British humor, and all shade of haha. This is not funny. This movie is annoying and was shut off after about an hour of waiting for something in it to tickle my funny bone. You want dark creatures living together and trying to be normal? Go get the British version of Being Human. Excellent show, snappy humor, and plenty of brooding moments from Aidan Turner.

aidan turner, vampire, bbc, being human

Beauty Product: Noxema razors. I’m cheap when it comes to buying razors. I don’t expect the best shave in the world from my cheapie blades, but Noxema razors are the worst. I’m not even sure they should be classified as razors. For being so cheap, they actually shave okay…when you can get the blades against your skin. The handle at the head is weirdly soft and doesn’t allow you to apply any pressure unless you do come shadow puppet-esque moves with your fingers to hold the head in place.

Restaurant: Baan Thai Restaurant in the Napili Plaza on Maui. I was really craving some Thai food when my husband and I went to Maui this fall. We tried this place once only to find they were close (despite the sign saying we were there during opening hours). We tried again the next day. No one is in there except one of the employees with his back to the door sitting down watching TV.  He barely turns around, vaguely gestures to a table, and then returns to whatever he’s watching. A bit later he deigns to get up and toss a couple menus at us. My husband (being the friendly one of the relationship) says “Hi” to the guy who says nothing in return and then plunks back down to watch his show. I pushed the menu away and said “I am not eating here.” We got up and went over to Maui Tacos which was SOOOOOOO good!

Coffee Shop: Starbucks. Not for the color of their cups, but for consistently having coffee that tastes like they’re serving French Roasted Death. Skip Starbucks and find a local coffee shop that  knows how to make a proper cup of coffee.


Social Media: Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. loses not only because I hate it in general, but because of how people take a minor thing (like red cups) and turn it into a polarizing issue. It’s a freaking cup. Shut up! Socializing should bring people together, make us realize how much we are like, and to give us a chance to discuss what we dot agree on. Instead everything (EVERYTHING) becomes an issue to which people spew whatever opinion first pops into their head without actually considering the full scope of the debate and if someone dares to disagree they get reamed from one end to the other. Shut up, social media. Just shut up.

Local Media: The Oregonian for consistently being a terrible newspaper. Not only are there many, many, many grammatical and spelling errors, but stories are outdated by the time they make the pages. I understand news comes quick thanks to the Internet and papers can ‘t keep up with that, but the Oregonian ran an article on how to avoid a hangover on 1 January….that’s right, the day AFTER everyone would have been drinking heavily.


International Media: BBC. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BBC shows at an almost-an-addict level (except Downton Abbey). What angers me about BBC is their online media player that only allows people in the UK to watch BBC programs that only air in the UK. WTF? The Brits can watch these shows on TV! I’m stuck in the US and can’t. I want my chance! Okay, mainly I’m just angry that I wasn’t able to watch And Then There Were None that aired on Xmas weekend. When the BBC interferes with my Aidan Turner viewing, I find them evil and cruel.

And one final BOO for 2015 (and beyond)…anything Kardashian, 50 Shades, Trump, or Jenner. Again, shut up. Just shut up.

What did you hate during 2015? Go on, get all that frustration off your chest so you can enjoy 2016!


See y’all next Saturday with my regular, more positive Saturday Selections feature! 

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Selections: The Losers of 2015

  1. Noémie says:

    I have only discovered your blog this week and I really think that we are just too similar, we must be twins or something 🙂 I hate pretty much everything you wrote and I would add… Smart phones. I hate them. I hate the way people always stare at them. Everywhere. And the way they interrupt a conversation to check on their phone every 30 seconds. I hate the way people check everything that pop up into their head on their smart phones… Like the word weather pop up and here they are: let s check the forecast. Just look out the window dumb head! It turns people into morons with extremely short attention spans. Sorry… I had to say it. I have a dumb phone. And still send text messages or sometimes even call people (gasp!).

    I also hate… Parking wardens and the way they wait next to people’s cars waiting for their meter to expire and then the look of satisfaction on their face when they start writing the ticket because the driver is 2 minutes late.

    I hate the way people behave themselves on public transport during rush hours…

    Oh and also I hate mc Donald’s adverts, trying to make people believe that the food they sell is healthy…


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    • painterwrite says:

      Damn it, I forgot the smart phones! I now refuse to veer off my walking course when someone is so busy staring at their screen they start walking into me. The startled look on their faces when they come an inch from bashing into me is SO hilarious! I agree with all your dislikes too and especially wish they’d show the white trash slobs that make up most of McD’s customers. Must go check out your blog to see what the other half of my brain has been up to!

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  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Hahaha! Yes! I agree with all of these – apart from “What We Do in the Shadows, which was silly, but perfect knitting radio. Which I’m sure is EXACTLY what the production team had in mind when they made it. Anyway, let’s hope 2016 is a year free from Kardashians, boring Vikings and god-awful Starbucks coffee. It drives me nuts when visitors from the States ask me if there’s a Starbucks nearby (when I’m not making monsters, I work in a store that sells mostly Irish crafts, jewellery and fashion)… You’re in Ireland! Try something new! OK, rant over. Bring on 2016!


    • painterwrite says:

      I hate having to apologize for stupid Americans. I mean why travel if you just want Starbucks and McDonald’s? I get pretty desperate for caffeine when traveling (jet lag) but not so desperate I would go to Starbucks. I mean I don’t step foot in Starbucks when I’m home, I’m certainly not going to enter one when I could have the experience of being the lone person in the pub drinking a cup of deadly strong tea.

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      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Deadly strong tea, you say? Oh, you are going to LOVE Ireland… Assuming you haven’t been here before, and already know that we love our tea, and we drink it strong and often. And don’t feel you have to apologise for all Americans abroad… Stereotypical Irish tourists are just as bad! For the full experience, it’s important to go somewhere hot, then expose delicate ultra-white skin to midday sunshine so it goes lobster red in seconds. Do not, EVER, apply sunscreen. Then find the nearest Irish pub and sit there for your entire holiday, drinking Guinness and complaining that it tastes different from home. Maybe some people just shouldn’t travel 😆

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      • painterwrite says:

        I have been to Ireland about eight years ago (but not to Dublin…my husband had never been to Europe at the time and was a bit skittish about the “big” city. Now I’ve dragged him to Rome, London, Paris and he loved them all, so I think he’s finally ready for a taste of Dublin!) Yes, you have the best tea! Any tea that’s black-hole dark and leaves your hair standing on end is tops in my book. Hmmm…I’m picturing an Irish Tourist Beastie after your description. 😃😃

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      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Ha! I nearly did a Sunburn Beastie as part of my summer-themed Irish Beasties last year, but it seemed too cruel to make a monster who was sunburned for life! Your husband will find Dublin an absolute picnic after London, it’s such a teeny city in comparison… More like an overgrown village, really. Often when I meet someone for the first time, it turns out that we already have a friend or acquaintance in common! Plus if you’re based in the city centre, pretty much everything you need is within walking distance 😀


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