Still No Flying Cars, but Happy 2016 Anyway!

Thankfully we are past the horror of deciding what seasonal greeting we might give without causing (too much) offense and I can now say “Happy New Year to All.” Oh wait, unless you’re Asian and celebrate Chinese New Year, or Islamic and are keeping an eye out for the first day of Muharram. Great, first day of the new year and I’ve already alienated oodles of people. Sigh….

Since I’m a Western World kind of girl, it’s now 2016 for me, and that means it’s time to make plans and goals for the coming year. As I mentioned last week, part of those plans was to take a look-see at this blog to decide its future. And of course, there’s writing, art, and other life goals to make and then feel bad about when I don’t meet them.

Replace "deadlines" with "resolutions" and there's my 2016 set and ready to go!

Replace “deadlines” with “resolutions” and there’s my 2016 set and ready to go!

The Tammie Painter Blog in 2016

After a very scientific-esque morning of looking over WordPress stats, I’ve come to the sad realization that one of my favorite weekly events is not so well-liked by search engines or blog readers. I started Travel Pic Thursday back in April 2015. According to the stats gods, my blog hits dropped off significantly in April 2015. Another nail in the travel coffin: Travel Pic Thursday only made up a handful of the top posts in 2015 (a very tiny capuchin monkey handful).

So, instead of an official Travel Pic Thursday post, I’ve decided to post one of my favorite travel pics on Twitter and Facebook on Thursdays (you’ll now notice the handy dandy feeds on the right-hand side of the screen). Don’t worry, upon my return from any journeys I will be sharing with you my adventures from any trips I take over the year (Ireland is in the travel tarot cards), but the regular Travel Pic feature will be going away.

Now, I know some of you started following me after seeing a Travel Pic post, so if I hear pleas from you that your life will be as empty as Santa’s sleigh on Xmas morning  without these Thursday posts, I will consider bringing them back.

Surprisingly Saturday Selections was a huge success over 2015 and snagged loads of top post spots this year. I honestly thought no one was reading these, but now I’m encouraged to keep going with these posts of praise for books, movies, musicians, locations, and whosie-whats-its that tickled my fancy over the week. Speaking of, I promised last year that I would post a Worst of 2015 (sort of a Saturday De-Selection) and I’ll be getting to that this Saturday.

As usual, each week (usually Wednesdays) I’ll have something to say about my writing world, my latest art endeavors, or just whatever random crap popped into my head.

Oh science, you bring such humor to our lives.

Oh science, you bring such humor to our lives.

New Blogging Event Coming Soon…I Think

You might think the time saved by ditching Travel Pic Thursday could be used for writing or drawing, but writers and artists love to find ways to avoid their actual “work” (and then complain how they never have enough creative time…hmmm, I’m seeing a potential blog post there).

I’m working on a plan to start a new blogging event that other artists, writers, and creative folks can join in on each week. I’ll need to check with the WordPress gurus, organize what day of the week it will happen on, and try to come up with a clever name, but essentially the post will involve sharing sketches or stories each week based on a prompt or theme and encouraging you to do use the prompt to join in.

I’ll keep you posted and, if all goes to plan, will hopefully have it up and running by the end of January.


Writing in 2016

I know I haven’t typed much lately about my wiring projects, but that’s because I’ve been busy actually writing…go figure. I’ll share more later, but I’ve cleared the hurdle of the first draft of the third book of my Osteria Chronicles series as well as the first draft read through, and will be jumping into the waters of draft two in January. My aim is to release the book in the summer or fall of this year and then dive right into book four of the series.

Art in 2016

I don’t have any formal plans for my art in 2016. Of course, I’m busily scribbling away trying to create more pieces for my gallery spot as part of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance Artist Exhibit Program. In keeping with my works I submitted to the program, these pieces are going to be done in my usual realistic style. In 2016, I plan to keep working on realistic pieces, but also want to branch out to some more creative styles as well as working with more mediums and supports just to mix things up.

As you’ll notice over there on the right-hand side of your screen, I’m now a card-carrying member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. Figuring out how to make the most of this group is another task for 2016.

I’m also planning on perusing the Artist’s Market book and other resources to see if I can get some illustration work. I’ll also be looking in to new venues to sell my work besides my Bookstore & Gallery on Etsy. And, as always, I’m up for a commission if you’ve got one to throw at me.



Now that I’ve made all these plans and goals, I better get off the computer and get cracking on them!

Have a great 2016 everyone!!!


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7 thoughts on “Still No Flying Cars, but Happy 2016 Anyway!

  1. LaVelle says:

    New Years sounds like it is starting off to be a very busy one with all of your new projects in the making–it is great to have plans in the making, it gives you a path to work towards. I actually enjoyed our travel blogs took me to places I have not been.


  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Happy new year! I do love writing out big long lists of all the things I plan to try over the coming year, and the best thing about January is that it seems like there’s so much time to accomplish them all! Good luck with your projects this year, and I’m intrigued to see what your mystery blogging event will be 😀


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