Last night my iPad went “ping.” No, it wasn’t playing the Birth in the First World scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life (see below if you have no idea what I’m talking about); it was an email. And this was the first sentence of the email that had me dancing around the kitchen going, “Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap!”

Congratulations!  You have been accepted by the Selection Committee for exhibit in our 2016 Artist Exhibit Program of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.
At first glance, since you probably have no idea what this program is, it may not seem like that big of a deal. But for me it’s a HUGE deal. Huge-mungous one might say.

About the Artist Exhibit Program

Clackamas Arts Alliance’s Artist Exhibit Program (AEP) takes the work of several artists from Clackamas County and puts the work in various venues across the county over the course of a year. There’s about 20 venues and each artist has his or her work in one venue as a one-man (or woman) show for about three or four months, then (I think) it gets moved to another venue for another three or fours months, and on and on until the year is up. The work can even be sold while it’s on display. It’s almost like getting your work into a gallery, not quite, but sort of.

Wanting to Get In For a While Now

The credit union my husband uses is one of the venues for AEP and each time we went in, I’d check out the work and think how cool it would be to have my stuff up there. Just as I was thinking of asking how work was considered for The Wall, I noticed the AEP brochure along with the artist’s postcards. My question was answered before it was even asked.

After going online and learning about the program, I wanted in. I REALLY wanted in. Honestly, I think normally I wouldn’t have had the guts to apply, but this was right around the time I had just won two first place prizes for my work so I was riding a bit of a confidence high.

I filled out my application with some apprehension – there were A LOT of blank spaces for things like “Art Degrees,” “Classes Taught,” “Exhibition History,” and other “real” artist stuff. But the program does state it is for established and emerging artists, so I figured it didn’t hurt to try. After all, after years of writing I’ve developed a rhino-tough skin when it comes to rejections.


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

The application was due in September, but selections wouldn’t be announced until November. During October, I mostly forgot about the application, although I did have occasional moments of wondering exactly when in November I’d be given the Yea or Nay vote.

When we had to run an errand to the credit union Monday, the work on display reminded me of the application. I was certain it would be a Nay. Who am I kidding, right? I just draw stuff and color it in. Surely, they wouldn’t pick me. My pessimism had seized the day and won.

Until the email ping-ed into my Inbox and happy dancing ensued!

I’ll Keep You Updated

I’m not sure yet where my work will be displayed, but as soon as I know, I’ll be sure to share. Hopefully, some of you will be able to stop by and take a peek.
And now…the machine that goes PING!

6 thoughts on “My Artwork Has Been Selected for AEP!

  1. Awesome, Tammie! I knew you’d make it big one day. If you can make art out of mobile phase (or puppet shows out of mice), you can do anything! 🙂 Good job!


  2. Way to go Tammie! That is awesome. I hope your art is sold at the end of the exhibition. I hope they take “Garden Path”–the stones from the county fair. Maybe I’ll buy that one.


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