Seven Days of Giveaways Starts Soon!

The countdown is on! My new Etsy shop Tammie’s Bookstore and Gallery is opening next Wednesday (the 28th). I’m super excited about it and you should be too because my need to shamelessly self promote this latest endeavor means loads of free stuff for you during my Seven Days of Giveaways event.

Oooh, prizes!

Oooh, potential prizes!

What’s On the Virtual Shelves?

I’ve spent the summer creating new artwork, researching the best materials to turn that artwork into a product you’ll love, and calculating the most efficient method of getting it to your home.

The shop will have ready-to-frame prints of my artwork as well as single greeting cards and greeting card four-packs. The four-packs are probably my favorite item I’ve come up with for the shop. They come wrapped in gorgeous decorative paper and are tied off with a piece of matching ribbon and a gift tag making them a super easy and lovely gift item (hint hint).

And, of course, I’ll also be offering paperback copies of a few of my books such as The Trials of Hercules and The Voyage.

A lovely four-pack of art cards...makes a great (and easy) gift.

A lovely four-pack of art cards…makes a great (and easy) gift.

Yeah Yeah, Get to the Free Stuff

As a promo event for the shop’s opening, starting Friday (the 23rd), I’ll be hosting Seven Days of Giveaways during which I’ll be giving away some of great stuff from my shop. Over those seven days I’ll be giving away one item each day. Prizes could be anything from my shop and range from a single greeting card to free prints that include mat and backing board making them ready to pop in a frame and stick on your wall.

garden path, tammie painter

A few prints from my original work will also be up for grabs!

How Do I Win?

Some days I’ll simply conduct random drawings just like I do each month to draw prizes for the fabulous people on my mailing list. Other days, you may have to do a little work like answering a question or making a comment on my blog or social media accounts.

Since the winners of these goodies will only be selected from my mailing list* or from my Facebook and Twitter followers, if you haven’t joined the list, Liked, or Followed me, now’s a good time to do so!

*By the way, people on my mailing list are eligible for prizes during my Seven Days of Giveaways AND (as always) are in the running for a prize every single month. 

Ready to Try Your Luck?

Be sure to join me on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to add your name to my mailing list using the form below.


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