Happy Friday Everyone!

As you may remember, earlier this month I took a chance and submitted a few of my colored pencil drawings (paintings? never sure which term to use) to the county fair. If you don’t remember, you can read all the gory details in my post “It’s No Prize Hog, But…”

Well, it turns out a couple of the drawings were indeed prize hogs and garnered me a couple of fancy-schmancy blue ribbons (gee golly)! “Yellow Car” won first place in the Drawing category, and “Garden Path” snagged first place in Landscapes. As I barely finished “Garden Path” in time for submission, I haven’t posted about it yet, but will soon – I pinky swear.

Almost Forfeiting My Prize

This was my first time ever submitting anything to any type of fair competition (since butter carving was never one of my hobbies as a kid). Not being a fair contest veteran (which it seems many of my competitors were), I thought there was only one prize for the overall winner – Best in Show, if you will.

tammie painter, art, colored pencil, blue ribbon
And the winner is…ME! Holy cow pie!

So, I was happy enough to have gotten a couple of shiny blue ribbons and, with a proud smile on my face, my husband and I started heading back to the car to load my art into the trunk. On the way to the car I saw a sign saying something like “Premium Prizes can be collected at Will Call.”

I stopped. Prizes?

“My ribbons say ‘First Premium.’ Do I get money?” I asked my husband as if he’s any wiser about the inner workings of county fair competitions.

“Dunno, you better go ask.”

We trudged back up to the gallery (yes, I can officially say my work has been featured in a gallery now, haha) and I asked if the ribbons were just pretty awards or did they mean I won money. I was told by two people at the same time (clearly veteran fair folk) to get down to Will Call and claim my cash.

So, for a $5 investment, I ended up walking away with a nice little prize. Or rather, two nice little prizes…which is good because I just spent almost the same amount as the prize on a new set of colored pencils!

To Art Infinity and beyond

Now, my next looming deadline for submission is the Artist Exhibit Program coordinated by the Clackamas Arts Alliance. In this program, several artists from Clackamas County are selected to display their work in exhibition spaces around the county for one year (changing space every couple months or so). I have doubts that my work is up to their standards, but the application process will be a good experience at the very least.

I’m currently devoting every art hour of my work day to finishing a couple pieces I may consider for submission (in addition to my prize winners, of course). One is a pile of of peppers (or is it a peck of peppers?) and the other is a sunflower (I’m hoping I’m not tempted to cut my ear off when I finish it). Wish me luck!

peppers, tammie painter, art, work in progress, colored pencil
Two new prize hogs?

sunflower, tammie painter, art, work in progress, colored pencil

Oh, And Next Year…

I’ve decided I’m drawing a hog for the county fair competition. That way, if I win, I can truly say I do have a prize hog!

* * *


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  1. Congratulations and way to go! Good luck with the CAA entries. I think you should buy your husband some sort of pork product with a bit of your winnings.
    Lisa becoming a vegetarian:
    Homer–What?! No bacon, no ham, no pork chops?
    Lisa–Dad, those all come from the same animal.
    Home–Oh right, a ‘magical’ animal.


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