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Saturday Selections: Everyday Minerals (makeup)

Although you may not be able to tell from my head shot, I am a hideous, ugly monster from the Freak-azoic era. No, I’m not fishing for compliments here, I’m just telling you how it feels to have rosacea. But, thanks in part to the makeup from Everyday Minerals, I am feeling slightly less horrific.

About Rosacea

Not to go too long into all the symptoms and theories of rosacea, but it’s a skin condition that leaves you with super red cheeks (and nose sometimes) and loads of little non-zit bumps all over your cheeks (bumps which have the tasty name of “pustules.” YUM!). The fancy schmancy scientists have no idea what causes rosacea and it takes a bit of guess work and experimentation on both the part of the freakshow patient and the doctor to try to get it under control.

Regardless of the cause, it leaves you feeling really grotesque especially if you’re like me and have never had any skin problems before (although, now looking back I do realize I’ve had mild symptoms of rosacea since my 20s).

Being Nice to Your skin

Thanks to rosacea, my skin has nice strawberry tone to it.

Thanks to rosacea, my skin has nice strawberry tone to it.

Of course one of the steps in caring for rosacea (since there’s no real cure), is being very nice to your skin. However, given that I don’t like stepping out of the house looking like I’m harboring a herd of Rudolphs (the red-nosed reindeer, not Valentino) under my skin, I do need to slap on some makeup.

For me, finding makeup that meets my requirements of not being uber toxic, being from a company that doesn’t test on animals, being affordable, not feeling heavy, and being able to cover up the red isn’t the easiest thing to do. I tried Physician’s Formula, but didn’t like how it felt on my skin and didn’t think it did that good a job of covering up my natural “glow.”

And Then I Found Everyday Minerals

I’ve been curious about mineral makeup for a while, but it’s usually far out of my cosmetic budget. However, as I was researching cruelty-free makeup companies I came across Everyday Minerals (aka Everyday Naturals) and started poking around their website. And I liked what I saw.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t bargain basement makeup like Wet & Wild, but it’s far less expensive than say Bare Minerals or other mineral makeup lines. So the price, the no-animal-testing bit, and some super happy user reviews pulled me in further.

I was thrilled to discover they had a sample kit (free except for the $2.50 for shipping) and ordered that straight away with a selection of shades I thought I might work on my skin.

Great Sample Kit

You know when you get samples and there’s barely enough for one use? Well, not with Everyday Minerals. With the 7-piece sample kit, you get enough for at least a week and I was able to try various combinations until I found a really nice match. (I’m also thinking this will be a great thing to order for vacation packing.)

Since I’ve never used powder foundation before, it took a little experimenting to learn how to apply it, but once I did get it on properly (the right brush really helps), I was amazed at how nice it looked…and how non-freaky my face looked. Even without any concealer, a lot of the red on my cheeks was covered up and the makeup even covered up my dark circles (which aren’t too bad, but I still hate them).

And the stuff felt great! It wasn’t at all heavy; in fact, it didn’t feel like I was wearing any makeup. Over the course of the day I kept checking the mirror and, yep, it was still covering up the majority of the red even without touch ups.

I HAD to get this stuff.

Get Three Items!

everyday minerals, makeup, cosmetics, mineral makeup

The de-freaking kit is here!

Like I said, Everyday Minerals isn’t super cheap, but it’s also not what most people would call expensive. Still, since I haven’t stuck it rich yet, I do have to debate every purchase I make and I was seriously wondering whether I should plunk down the money on the makeup.

I had just decided I should – after all, for once I wasn’t hating the sight of myself in the mirror – when I found out that if you buy three products, you get 25% off the price of each item. Holy crap! What was I waiting for?  I placed my order straight away, adding a few extra items like a green concealer meant to hide red blotches, eye shadows, and lip tints to try out some of their other products (and to get a really nice brush set for free).

The order showed up in only two or three days. I was surprised at how big the containers of makeup actually are (I was expecting much less product), so I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price for them in the future.

Oh, and the green concealer? Totally works. With it and the makeup, the red on my cheeks now looks like a gentle blush and I’m not worried about frightening small children when I step out into public.

Thanks so much Everyday Minerals for making such great products!!!

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