I’m Writing Again!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Clear the table, I'm writing again!

Clear the table, I’m writing again!

I know I’ve been a bit quiet about my writing since the release of The Voyage: Book Two of the Osteria Chronicles and it may have seemed like I’d given up on the whole writing thing for an illustrious and profitable career in art (yes, that was sarcasm). But this week I started writing again, however I’m writing with a completely new frame of mind.

What’s Up With My Work

As you know I’m working on creating a new shop that is opening in October 2015 (if you could please take this poll to help me decide on my inventory, I’d be super grateful). The shop will primarily focus on my art and each day over the summer so far I’ve been adding to my portfolio.

After the rather dismal release of The Voyage, I decided I needed to take the summer off from writing just to reset my mind and really take a look at whether or not writing is something I want to keep pursuing since sometimes it feels like I’d make better use of my time banging my head against the wall rather than release another damn book.

So the summer has been rather nice and has given me time to evaluate things. After that evaluation, I’ve come to a few decisions.

Me as a writer.

After taking nearly three months off from writing or even promoting any of my written material, I have found that I do still want to write (cue heralding trumpets!). I don’t want to sound all deep and meaningful, but I do feel compelled to put stories down on paper (or into ones and zeros so your Kindle can read it).

So, short version: I’m not giving up on writing.

However, I am refocusing my attitude toward writing.

Writing will not be the main thing my work world revolves around. I will keep everyone up to date on the status of my works-in-progress, but for the most part I’ve decided that writing should be something I do for myself rather than in the hopes of everyone reading (and buying) my books.

Although this does seem like a lowering of expectations, I do think it will give me more satisfaction with my writing and I will feel in less of a frenzy to get my books out while running the rat race of promotion and marketing (which I absolutely hate and completely suck at).

And for those two or three people out there who do actually buy my books (sorry, being cheeky again), don’t worry, I still plan to continue my commitment to release only high-quality writing that has been subjected to test readers and several thorough rounds of editing.

Me As an Artist?

IMG_1151So if I’m not dedicating hours upon hours a day to writing, what the hell am I going to do with my work week? Since I don’t like daytime television, I guess I need to occupy myself with something productive.

I know I’m no master and I’ve had no formal training, but I find I really enjoy making art. Besides being an additional outlet for creativity, there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to complete a piece of work in a few weeks, rather than over a year as with writing.

And hey, if no one buys one of my drawings, I’ve only wasted days of my life instead of the wasted months when I release a book that doesn’t sell! Sorry, that’s my glass is half-empty side speaking.

So, while I will continue to put out books and you will have to put up with me blogging a bit about my books, you’ll more likely see posts about a new piece of art or just me rambling on about what’s been on my mind over the past week.

But, Yes, I Am writing Again!

Like I said, I took several months off from writing. After that time I was worried about getting back into the swing of things in the writing world, but I was also itching to get into a project I had abandoned some time ago. When I cracked open the manuscript, it felt almost like a homecoming.

Meet my work in progress

DSCN2028My current work in progress is a historical novel whose first draft I completed perhaps two years ago, maybe more. It’s set in Ancient Rome and follows the life of Julia Domna, mother of Caligula. With a strong woman trying to gain power through (and despite) the men in her life, there’s plenty of Phillippa Gregory influence in the concept, but with my own voice and style. It also makes use of all the loads of research on Ancient Rome that I’ve filled my head with!

For fans of The Osteria Chronicles, never fear, book three has been drafted and will eventually be edited and brought to life, but I feel I was getting myself into too much of a  rush trying to crank out this series and wasn’t producing the best work I could. Taking a breather in between the books will allow me time to really nail down the series storyline and provide you books you’ll love (and want to tell all your friends about).

So thanks for sticking with me everyone. Hopefully I’ll make some new friends and followers) on this journey. And don’t forget to join my mailing list to get some super fabulous bargains when my shop opens and for the possibility of winning fabulous monthly prizes!


As for this blog, I’m mostly back in the groove after the website remodel. This means you can expect weekly posts of travel pics on Thursday, so sort of random brain fart on Friday, and a review of something that tickled my fancy over the past week on Saturday. See you tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Writing Again!

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer number of books out there, and a black cloud swarms over my head and I ask myself, “Why am I putting another one out there?” But like you, I have a desire to create stories, and that enjoyment drives me on. So I’m happy to hear you’re writing again. 🙂


  2. A says:

    I guess I can only speak for myself, but I LOVE The Osteria Chronicles!!! I will attempt patience (which I have little of) as I wait for book 3 😉 I hate to even say it (because it’s an ugly thing) but I am totally envious of your ability to write such wonderful stories, for I am clueless. I really don’t know how you come up with all of the elements and put it all together to create these worlds, it’s beyond me in my current state of knowledge. You may not have the success or recognition you deserve, but you ARE a wonderful writer and I hope you will remember that.


    • painterwrite says:

      Awwww, thanks! I’m no expert but try think of writing any story as layering. The first layer (draft) is just to get the story basics out of your head…of course you’ll probably do a bit of setting and character work at the same time, but don’t get too bogged down with the finer points. Then, with each subsequent layer, build up the setting, the descriptions, the plot lines, etc. I do find it helps before ever starting to make index cards for each chapter with what I want to have happen in that chapter…these work kind of like writing prompts when I go to write the first draft.

      Remember to just keep at it and to be patient. My first book (which will never ever see the light of day) was horrible, but it was good practice. If you read the first draft of either of the Osteria Chronicles books you’d be surprised at just how awful they were until at least the fourth draft. It does take time to really craft something you’ll be willing to show the public.

      Good luck and thanks for the encouraging words…I’ll try not to make you wait TOO long for book three!

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