Hello everyone!

Yes, I was a bit remiss with my blogging last week, but I’ve been hard at work on a new bit of colored pencil art that truly tested my skills.

I’d been wanting to try my hand at drawing/painting a vintage car, so when this yellow machine (photo no longer available due to recent policy changes on my source’s website) caught my eye I worked up a basic outline and started to work.

And then I realized I may have gotten in over my head.

I’d never worked at recreating metallic or reflective surfaces before, so the chrome and the reflections on the car’s exterior, grill, and bumper were mind-boggling. I divided the image up into two-inch squares and worked on one square each day since that was about all my eyes could handle with all the small details that needed to be sorted out – funny the things you don’t notice when selecting an image to work from!

Almost there.
Almost there.

While I thought the headlight was going to be the worst/hardest part, once I got the first quarter of it done, it turned out to be quite easy (relatively speaking). What threw me off was the damn grill and I’m still not happy with how it came out – the spacing isn’t even, the reflections came out a bit odd, and the black takes away from the headlight (my intended focal point).

And done!
And done!

Still, many parts of this came out great for a first attempt at this type of subject matter and I enjoyed the challenge (the yellow is a bit deeper in the actual drawing to match the color of the photo, I’ll have to sort that out with my scanner).

And, as you should do with any project, I did learn  few things. Next time I will definitely measure any repeated spacing and I’ll break out my French curves much earlier on in the process. I also learned that I really need to shop for a lamp with a magnifier on it!

* * *

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