I know, shame on me, it’s been quite sometime since I’ve shared something that tickled my fancy. That’s not to say I’ve been living in a locked cell with no exposure to the outside world (okay, maybe some days), I’ve just been too busy to blog (in fact, there’s been loads of wonderful films and books that I’ll have to catch you up on). But this week there’s no excuses and I’ve been super excited to get to Saturday to tell you how great Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King is.

About Mr. Mercedes

mr mercedes, stephen king, fictionRetired detective Hodges is pretty down in the dumps (meaning he sits around toying with a loaded gun and seeing how well it fits in his mouth). One day a letter arrives from someone who claims to be the person responsible for an unsolved case of Hodges’s in which a man in a stolen Mercedes plowed down a group of people outside a job fair. The letter stirs something in Hodges and he decides to look into the case once more just for something to do.

What follows is a cat and mouse game of Hodges and Mr. Mercedes (aka Bradley Hartsfield) with King switching between the viewpoints of these two characters (and a few others) as Bradley – who is one messed up individual that leaves your skin crawling – plots another mass murder. How many of Hodges’s loved ones Bradley will take out as he moves closer to his plan is anyone’s guess. In the end, Hodges’s is forced to decide if being to one to stop Bradley is worth the lives of his friends, or whether he should hand the matter over to the police and go back to his retirement.

How Was It?

I haven’t read a Stephen King book in quite a while and I am super duper thrilled Mr. Mercedes was the novel I happened upon to jump back into King’s creepy world. As King has shown in many of his works, it’s not the supernatural or monsters or aliens that are the most frightening things out there; it’s other people.

Bradley is just any guy. He’s a tech guy who comes out to fix your computer and he’s the ice cream man. But King, as he reveals Bradley’s home life, back story and mental state, proves Bradley is scarier than any werewolf or vengeful ghoul. And before anyone gets upset over a negative portrayal of mentally ill people, do know that another mentally ill person plays a major (and quite heroic) part in assisting Hodges.

Everything about this book piqued my interest, mainly because King introduces so many questions that I just had to find the answers to such as what exactly happened to Bradley’s little brother, will Jerome’s dog get poisoned by Bradley, and (the biggie) will Hodges stop Bradley in time to stop his next attack? Of course, besides the plot-driving, page-turning questions, the characters are great, the story moves quickly, and the touches of humor come at just the right moments. It’s also fun to see King referring to/mocking his own work such as the creepy sewer clown in It.

If you are a Stephen King fan, make sure you don’t miss this one. If you’re not a King fan, this book could change your mind!

What was the most recent Stephen King book you’ve read? How did you like it? Share your comments so I know what to read next!

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Selections: Mr. Mercedes (novel)

  1. I enjoyed Mr. Mercedes, too. I thought there was a bit too much coincidence involved in solving the crime, particularly as related to the main character’s sidekicks, but I still really liked it. Looking forward to reading Finders Keepers which is the next in the series and is out now. I’ve been a King fan for years.


    1. There was a few coincidental aspects but they weren’t so blatant or far-fetched as to distract from the story so I’ll give King a “pass” this time! I’ve been reading King since I was far too young to be reading such stuff, which could explain a lot about my current way of seeing the world.


      1. My dad was a fan so I had too much easy access to King’s books. I think I may have fallen under the influence by age ten. Talk about innocence lost! I balanced it out with plenty of novels about horses.

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  2. I must confess, I cannot recall the last King book I read… But I agree that humans are far scarier than werewolves or vampires!

    As for The Voyage… I LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to leave a glowing review on Amazon for you 🙂 It was a page-turner for sure, very entertaining, excellent character development, just really really good!


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