Saturday Selections: Saturday Night Live (TV & App)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Sometimes the world makes my choice for Saturday Selections super easy and this week was one of those times with the airing of the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. Not only was the show far better than I expected, but one of the commercial breaks (a real commercial break, not a SNL fake ad) clued me into quite possibly the best app ever.

The SNL 40th Anniversary Special

Saturday Night Live has had its ups and downs. Some years the writers and cast just click to create memorably funny skits, while other years you just have to wonder who hired these people. My interest in the show has also ridden this wave of hilarious and horrible; I’ll watch for a while, then abandon it, then come back (depending on how tired I am, of course).

Still, whenever the anniversary-type specials role around, I make sure to watch them. Typically the shows are simply a compilation of clips of the best (in someone’s opinion) skits without much to bulk it up. This is what I was expecting with the SNL 40th anniversary special. Luckily, SNL disappointed me…in a good way.

The show did have clips, but they were very brief montages of clips that seemed more intended for people familiar with the show rather than people who just happened to have nothing better to watch. The clip montages felt a bit like an inside joke with a good friend – if you weren’t familiar with the context, you weren’t going to “get it.”

Instead of focusing entirely on re-hashing old clips, the show made a perfect choice by having new versions of old favorites such as Celebrity Jeopardy and The Californians, as well as bringing out loads of former cast members and guest hosts to be a part of these new/old skits.

Honestly, when I saw the show was going to be three and a half hours, I thought I would just watch the first hour or so….I ended up watching the whole thing and could have watched more. Any show that can get me to watch 210 minutes of TV has done something very right!

But Wait There’s More – The SNL App!

During the first or second commercial break there was a very quick ad for the SNL app with my favorite app price of FREE. I had trouble finding it that night, but eventually located it the next day. I have never been so happy with technology!

The app’s opens with the start of the SNL 40 episode, but a few taps gets you to the main menu where endless SNL joy awaits. Now, as we all know, even when SNL is good, there’s often a few crap skits to wade through and we all have our favorites that just don’t seem to show up often enough. The app takes care of that.

Right now, my absolute favorite skit is Bill Hader’s “Stefon.” Unfortunately I discovered Stefon about two skits before Bill Hader left the show. Yes, I was Stefon-less. With the app, you can search by cast member to see many of the skits they’ve done during their time at SNL. I swiped over to Bill Hader and suddenly i was Stefon-ified again.

The app is very easy to navigate and you can search in a variety of ways (by year, by cast member, etc.) to find hours of SNL humor. The amount of content and the ease of use would make this app well worth a few dollars, but for free it’s like a belated Valentine’s Day gift for my iPad!

Did you watch the anniversary special or get the app? What did you think? As always, I’d love to hear from you (even if it interrupts my Stefon time).

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Selections: Saturday Night Live (TV & App)

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m so mad because I forgot to set the DVR for the SNL special when it aired. Then, when they replayed it Friday night, I forgot again! Argh. Oh well, I’m sure it will be on again. In the meantime I’ll have to check out that app.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Much appreciated!


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