Saturday Selections: The Osteria Chronicles (website)

Okay, I’m being completely lazy for this week’s Saturday Selection, but it’s been a LONG couple days at the computer. So, instead of a traditional Saturday Selections post where I recommend some product or other, I’m going to recommend you step into another world….The world I created: Osteria!

The Osteria Chronicles website takes the basics of the world I’ve established in The Trials of Hercules and The Voyage, then delves deeper into all things Osteria including its geography, its customs, and mini bios of the gods and people who live there. There’s also a blog (of course) that gets updated each month with all the fascinating news regarding the books in the series.

Apologies for taking the easy way out this week. I promise my eye strain will have diminished by next week and I’ll be back in the saddle with a book, movie, food or other product that I liked (which means you should like it too!).

Thanks for reading everyone, now go take a walk through Osteria.