And the Winner Is….

Hello Readers,

First off, no, you didn’t miss a contest (although there will be some fantabulous giveaways over the next few months for followers of this blog).

So what did win and what was the competition all about?

confusedThe competition was a battle within my brain of what book I would work on next now that The Voyage: Book Two of The Osteria Chronicles is gearing up for release (more on that in a bit). The options were to continue on with The Osteria Chronicles series, delve into revising a historical novel whose manuscript is among many lurking in the cabinet behind me, or to begin work on a new non-fiction book.

The historical novel truly tempted me. It’s a great story set in Ancient Rome (there’s that research coming into play again) that focuses on one of the (supposedly) cruelest emperors in the line-up or Roman head honchos. The non-fiction book also called to me because I really enjoy the different process of writing non-fiction versus fiction and because I love the idea I have for the book.

But the third book in The Osteria Chronicles won out for a few reasons…

  1. I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve gained with the promotion of the first two books in the series.
  2. I’d hate to leave my readers hanging wondering what’s in store for Osteria after the troubles that have been set up in Book Two.
  3. The majority of the research is already done saving me a tad bit of time.
  4. I worry if I focus on another book, I may forget some of the “rules” of the world I’ve created in Osteria. I guess this goes under the “momentum” category as well.
  5. After the brain-breaking work of sorting out the basics of what would happen in Book Two and through the end of the series (six books in total), I already have a cheat sheet of rough events that will take place in Book Three.

Already Rolling


What a productive day of outlining looks like!

With my selection made official (I announced the choice to my cats and they approved it), this week was dedicated to outlining book three (working title is The Maze or The Labyrinth, any opinions on this?). As I mentioned in Number Five above, I already had a rough idea of what might take place, but needed to flesh that out a bit. This was actually harder than I thought.

I spent a couple days sifting through papers trying to sort out the course of events and how the various plot lines I had could interweave, but the damn things just wouldn’t. I also couldn’t figure out how to move the events in Book Three into Book Four and was about ready to pull out that historical novel manuscript.

Scene cards!!!

Scene cards!!!

Instead, I stepped away, did a little extra research and BAM! the story line completely feel into place. I cut the troublesome plot line, whipped out the colored pens and scratch paper and set to scribbling. Within an hour, I had Book Three’s basic outline and even a partial outline for Book Four!

The next day, the outline got converted into scene cards, which means I am ready to roll on this project!

So yay me, I had a good week!

The Voyage is Gearing Up For Promotion

While I start drafting Book Three, there’s also the prepare-to-launch work to do for The Voyage. This week that included giving the book its very own web page on and, creating a banner image for the book, and banner2-jpgcoming up with The Voyage Media Kit (PDF)

What’s next for The Voyage? Well, the proof copy came in the mail yesterday so it’s time for yet another read through. Once this round of corrections is done, the book should be ready for reviewers. (By the way book reviewers & book bloggers, if you’re interested in reviewing The Voyage, please contact me to get on the list.)

Oh, and I may do something crazy like try to write that non-fiction book as well…unless of course my head explodes from trying to get everything done!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!