Being an Inspiration Feels GREAT!!

Hello Readers!

As I’m sure is true of many writers of fantasy fiction, I dream of The Osteria Chronicles one day being made into a movie or television series. And yes, as I write, I imagine what actor might be perfect to play each character, sketch out costume designs and even contemplate what computer whizzes might do to enhance the settings and bring the monsters to life.

Through social media I’ve “met” an artist, Abigail of Contortum Designs, who specializes in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry using wire wrapping and lovely objects such as shells and stones. Her items have a beautiful simplicity to them and the deeper I got into writing (and imagining) The Trials of Hercules: Book One of The Osteria Chronicles, the more I could completely picture her jewelry on my characters.

Pieces of Osterian Jewelery

In The Trials of Hercules, my ruler wears and obligatory crown as well as a heavy gold chain from which he’s clipped many links to pay for his extravagant lifestyle – both are gaudy and heavy accessories. More simple jewelry can be found on Osteria’s vigiles (police/military) since each vigile wears a leather thong from which hangs a charm in the shape of the symbol of their city-state. Women’s fashions are more delicate and include not only rings on fingers and toes, but also thin chains that dangle from headgear or belts.

Inspiring DesignsBlue Sea Sediment Jasper Trifecta Necklace Sterling Silver

But Abigail had her own inspiration when she read the book and designed a unique piece of jewelry based on the character Iole – priestess to Hera and love interest to Hercules. Using a few pieces of blue jasper and a bit of silver wire, she came up with a gorgeous necklace to complete Iole’s look. Of course, since Iole isn’t real, you can get this piece for yourself by heading over to her shop: Contortum Designs. Who knows, it may attract the eye of your own Hercules!

Big Smiles for Me

I have to say I’m not only impressed with what Abigail designed (okay, I’m impressed with all her pieces), but it’s also quite a boost to be the inspiration for something so lovely. So thanks Ms. Abigail…and keep your schedule open, I’m sure the movie makers will be calling any minute with a contract for us!