Saturday Selections: Melissa Gannon (Artist)

The Monday before last, I went back to school….and not just because I’m weirdly addicted to school supply sales. The class is a community education (aka “cheap and non-credited”) drawing class.

Why a drawing class? I have a weird artistic bug that can’t be cured. paintLately I’ve pulled out my collection canvases and filled them with an array of colors. The trouble is, while I’m not too shabby of a picture maker, I am very slow at the drawing component, especially when trying to draw from real life (rather than a photo). So, I thought a drawing class might help, or at least not hurt.

The class is taught by Melissa Gannon. Not only is she a very encouraging teacher (seriously, if you need a confidence boost about your art skills, take a class from her), but she’s also a terrific artist.

I love bright colors and I love nature scenes that don’t look like some cheesy print that wouldn’t look out of place hanging over the bed in a Motel 6, Melissa’s work satisfies both these requisites and I keep heading over to her website whenever I need a touch of color in my day.

Since, I don’t want to break any copyright laws, I’m not posting any of Melissa’s work here. Instead, I encourage you to head over to her website and take a gander.