Saturday Selections: Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)

Honestly, I’m not a shallow person, but stick a lanky male Brit with a compelling voice in a show and I’ll probably give it a chance. Such was the case last year when I started seeing ads for a show called Sleepy Hollow. Sure, the show’s premise may have appealed to my dark fantasy interests, but to tell the truth I mainly tuned in to see Tom Mison’s portrayal of Ichabod Crane.

Excuse me while I sigh a bit.

Okay, even if a show draws my attention with a handsome fella, I’m not so shallow that I will continue watching said show if it turns out to be a complete pile of dogshite. I have my standards. Thankfully, Sleepy Hollow showed no traces of gobshite-ness. And there was Tom Mison. Like having my cake and eating it too.

The Show

Ichabod Crane is a Brit who fought for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. It also turns out that Ichabod’s wife happens to a be a witch who cast a spell on him so he could return from the dead. And return he did. Into the 21st century where he and Lt. Abbey Mills (Nicole Beharie) end up having to protect the world from the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

I know, it sounds stupid and far-fetched, but it’s done in such a way as to be, if not entirely believable, at least very plausible with plenty of logic behind everything.

What’s So Great About It (Besides Tom Mison)

Sleepy Hollow is one of those shows that’s simply compelling to watch. There’s plenty of action and some creepy drama, but also random doses of humor to keep everything from being “too” creepy. The acting is superb and the chemistry between Mills and Crane is perfect. (Good job casting department!)

Although I’m not religious in any way, I do love the mix of biblical mythology combined with history, the elements of Irving’s story Sleepy Hollow, and topped off with a hint of lore from other cultures. Talk about your melting pot of influences.

Yes, sometimes solutions do feel a bit too convenient and I often wonder how on earth under all that stress does everyone seem to have such a perfect recall of memory, but these issues are tiny in comparison to everything Sleepy Hollow does well.

And Onto Season Two

So why is a show I started watching a year ago in Saturday Selections? Because last Monday saw the first episode of Season Two. I don’t want to give away any spoilers (there’s plenty elsewhere on the web), but when season two starts off don’t curse yourself. The writers worked in a clever ploy making you think you must have missed an episode of Season One. After all, when did that character die? How did Ichabod and Abbey get back from…? Messing with my mind…what a great way to start a season!

Want More Sleepy Hollow? Or Tom Mison?

If you haven’t read Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow, now is a great time to catch up on the classic piece of literature because you can get the audiobook for free on Audible. What’s even better than free? It’s read by Tom Mison!