Please Don’t Feed the Writer

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week (summer colds are little bits of evil sent to rob us of enjoying sunny days), so my head has been filled with thoughts of how many naps I can fit in instead of bursting with blog ideas.

Luckily, I came across this terrific cartoon from the New York Times that I thought even the non-writers out there might enjoy (click the image to enlarge it). And for the writers out there in the blogosphere, this cartoon might let you know what you need to nosh on to become one of the greats. Hey, every little bit helps, right?Illustration by Wendy MacNaughton

I rarely eat while working – have to maintain my appearance for all those author photos in my future. Besides, forks and knives might get in the way of the IV caffeine drip lines I’ve rigged up. I guess that puts me on level with Marcel Proust. Nice.

What’s your favorite food and/or drink ritual while working?


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Feed the Writer

    • painterwrite says:

      While I may write what I think are fabulous things while drinking, Whisky does tend to make my handwriting even more indecipherable than normal. Future cryptographers will have a field day with my booze-induced scrawls!


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