Welcome to Tuesday everyone (which is actually my Monday, but this week’s Tuesday is my Sunday, it’s all very confusing). What’s not confusing is presenting everyone with another Share Your World interview with a character from my upcoming novel The Trials of Hercules.

Cee of the Cee’s Photography blog has presented some interesting (and challenging) questions this week, so let’s jump in and see how our character handles them.

This week I’m interviewing Stavros Paulos, a highly skilled engineer from the city-state of Athenos. He’s an older, no-nonsense kind of guy (some might use the term “old codger”) who spent his youth and early career traveling across Osteria. A recent tragedy has him in Portaceae when novel opens. Although Stavros used to love Portaceae as a child, he’s disgusted by the state of ruin it’s fallen into.

Question: Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?

Stavros: No, parades in Osteria are military events only and since I prefer to battle against physics rather than another Osterian, I haven’t been invited to join in any parades. Besides, parades just don’t occur much anymore. They were always just ridiculous things to show off the might and glory of whichever city-state just overpowered some other city-state. The Areans – the people from the god Ares’s city-state – love to make war and love to tromp around on their parade grounds celebrating their wars. Since most people in Osteria don’t want to be associated with anything the Areans enjoy, the appeal of parades has continually dwindled over the decades.

Q: If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?

S: (laughs) Well, given you’re interviewing me in jail, an opera sounds like the better option. I’m so bored in here, so thanks for stopping by. It’s certainly more fun than talking to myself. Not that I don’ t mind talking to myself–

Q: Sorry sir, we need to keep the interview concise. Now, why did you start your blog?

S: What in Hades’s name is a blog? Is that concise enough for you?

Q: What is your favorite tradition? 

S: I’m from Athenos and a bit of a cynic when it comes to the gods, but I love the tradition for how Portaceae chooses the next head priestess of Hera. See, they’ve got all those peacocks, sacred peacocks. The women in the running for the job have to sit in the courtyard of the House of Hera and wait to see which one will attract the most peacocks. Supposedly this means the priestess is Hera’s chosen one. It’s not so much the tradition I enjoy, but the trickery. Long before the event, the so-called holy women bribe the birds with treats in the hopes that the peacocks will come scurrying to their side on the day of the event. No wonder those damn birds are so fat.

As always thanks for reading and if you missed them, please check out the earlier interviews with Hera and Maxinia, one of Hera’s priestesses.

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