Saturday Selections: Jake Bugg

For this Saturday Selection, I’m heading not to the entomology department of the local college, but to the world of music.

How good is Jake Bugg? Well, let’s just say, I heard only a 15 second snippet of his music at the end of a celebrity gossip show and was hooked.

His voice has been compared to Bob Dylan and he looks a bit like George Harrison, but comparisons don’t cover the depth of this guy’s talent. He’s got a great voice that oozes with feeling and he’s pretty handy with a guitar as well.

Words can’t convey the sound of music, so check out a couple samples to see for yourself – Dare you to try to sit still listening to “Slumville Sunrise.”

Enjoy and, please comment since I’d love to hear what you think of Jake Bugg’s tunes!

Like Dreamers Do:

Slumville Sunrise: