Another portion of the Garden Remodel is complete! We had a hideous corner by our shed that’s just been one of those spots of the garden that never seemed to look good – you know, those areas you just turn a blind eye to to avoid retching every time you see them?

The BEFORE picture. Ick!
The BEFORE picture. Ick!

THE IDEA: The idea came from a garden design book from Jolly Ol’ England (seriously, the English have some inherent gardening gene…possibly bred into them so they could fill in the grounds around their castles). The original design had large planks going over a pond in sort of a Japanese-style setting. Well, we’ve already tried a pond in this corner and it didn’t work, but I loved this idea so much I HAD to make it work (I’m stubborn that way).

So I thought and thought and BAM, how about a fake pond made of rocks? Oh yeah! We couldn’t find any planks so I designed some wooden steps that would lead down from our hillside and have the staggered look of the planks in the design book. After much explaining, many drawings and even some cardboard cut outs, Mr. Husband finally understood what I wanted him to build (I don’t do power tools…I need my fingers for typing!).

As he spent time in the garage cursing and fitting things together and cursing some more, I moved plants and filled in the “pond.”

THE PROCESS: Around the old pond (a real pond), I had laid rocks once before and they were swallowed by the mud monster that lives in our yard, so I wanted to lay something down first. Too cheap to buy landscape fabric, I simply “re-purposed” some old towels and t-shirts. Over this, I put some sand to hide the fabric, then a layer of river rock – dug out from various areas of the yard. Lucky for us our neighbors had some smaller, multicolored river rock that they didn’t want so I spread this over for the top layer. This really gave the “pond” some color and interest. Thanks Neighbors!

PLANTING: Within the pond, I planted some Carex which I’m hoping looks sort of like a bog-type plant once it gets a bit bigger. Around the pond are shade- & moisture-loving plants like bleeding heart, hellebore, trillium and ferns.

We still have some cleaning up to do around the “pond” and need to put facing on the edges of the steps, but all in all, I think we rocked this aspect of the Garden Remodel!

The AFTER picture. Ooh lala!
The AFTER picture. Ooh lala!


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  1. Did she tell you that I, Mr Hubby, am the one dragging her to Kauai, The Garden Isle?! We’ll see the Limahuli National Tropical Botanical Garden on the north shore and maybe the NTBG McBride and/or Allerton gardens on the south shore. Mr. Hubby ps I still need to put a ‘face’ on the sides of the steps over the rock ‘pond’. I don’t want to end up with a missing/stitched up hand right before Kauai and not be able to go snorkeling.


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