Tammie Painter

I’m a writer and artist/illustrator living in the Portland area. Whether you’ve searched for me on purpose or you’ve accidentally tripped your way into my world, welcome!

To get started on your exploration of my work, feel free to take a peek at my artwork,  peruse a few of my books, or kick back with a few blog posts.

Monthly Showcase Items

I’ve made it easy to make Dad feel special. During the month of June, the showcase items at my Etsy shop will make Father’s Day giving a cinch. Showcase items include my the first two books in my fantasy fiction series, The Trials of Hercules and The Voyage.

And even if a classic car isn’t in your Dad Day budget, a print or two of one surely is so why not take a peek at “Yellow Car,” “Blue Car,” or “Red Car.” Or maybe Dad would just like something “On the Rocks”.


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