Tammie Painter: Write-Aholic

Hello, my name is Tammie Painter and I’m a write-aholic.

I create fiction worlds – primarily fantasy, historical, and historical fantasy (I’m sure that’s a thing, if 13th_Hour_Cover_for_Kindlenot, it is now). Want to read a sample? Head over to the page for my book 13th Hour to read one of the short stories from this collection.

What am I up to now? Thanks for asking! My current work-in-progress is the second book of my six-part fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles. The first book, The Trials of Hercules, is complete and on its way to publication.book, trials of hercules, osteria chronicles

I also write non-fiction articles and books because I just get Simply_Soft_Cheese_Cover_for_Kindleso excited about my own interests such as gardening, making cheese, and traveling, that I want to share them with the world. For a list of where my articles have popped up, take a peek at my Publications page.

Oh, and don’t forget my blog where I babble on about writing, books, self-publishing, and beekeeping (yes, beekeeping). You may also want to check out also my gardening blog The SassMy_Garden_Journal_Cover_for_Kindley Garden Girl or my travel blog Fiona’s Journeys.

So you see, I’m completely addicted to writing. But, rather than a twelve-step program, I have a website that I encourage you to explore!

Have you just dropped by to browse for my books? You can shop for my books at many retailers, but for the most personal service, head to my Etsy shop, samplecoverBooks By Tammie. No matter where you buy my books 1% of every purchase goes to help animals in need.

Thanks for visiting and have fun exploring this site.




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