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Whether you searched for me on purpose or you’ve accidentally tripped your way into my world, welcome! I’m a writer and amateur artist living in the Portland area. Yes, I have a wide array of interests that I love to write about and capture on paper, but I find it’s the best way to quiet the voices in my head (they can be quite the pests). As this site takes you from fantasy fiction to garden lore and botanical art to urban landscapes, just hold on and enjoy the ride.

Below you’ll find some of my latest and greatest news and reviews as well as a list of upcoming events in my world and in the very creative realm of Portland, Oregon, but don’t let that keep you from exploring the rest of the site. A great place to start is by kicking back and reading my blog.

What’s Up With Tammie Painter Lately?

coverfinalwarm-cropFirst, the big news. Although it may look the same, my website has loads of new features. New Feature #1 – Each of my books‘ pages now allows you to buy the book directly through me, which means no middleman and some excellent prices. New Feature #2 – I’ve added a new section under the Contact tab for Media needs (media kits, press releases, etc.). New Feature #3 – I’ve reorganized my art pages to show prints, greeting cards and original pieces for sale, as well as sold pieces. New Feature #4 – You can now purchase my art as prints, greeting cards or originals directly through me. Yes, some of these are available on my Etsy shop WritePaintCreate, but some are exclusive to the TammiePainter.com website.

Before you get too deep into your shopping, don’t forget to hurry over to Goodreads to enter to win a paperback copy of The Voyage. This first giveaway ends 10 April and select entrants will be offered a free e-book (in exchange for an honest review, of course). If you don’t win this round of the giveaway, don’t worry, there’ll be another one starting later in April.

That said, the first review of The Voyage is already in. I have to confess, I’ve been a bit nervous about what readers will think of this second book in the series. I had many struggles getting this story to come to life. However, Review #1 garnered The Voyage its first four stars and the reviewer had kind words such as this to say: “This story; as well as The Trials of Hercules [Book One], has an uncanny knack of bringing the reader into the story.” I know one review is nothing to base my expectations on, but it did give me plenty of encouragement. (By the way, if you want to win a free copy of The Trials of Hercules, please scroll down to find out how.)

As always, if you’re a book blogger and would like to review The Voyage (or The Trials of Hercules), please contact me to be added to my list of reviewers.

But enough about reviews. As part of The Voyage‘s promotion, I’ve created a book trailer! It’s my first ever and there’s probably a few things I could have added (such as my website within the video itself…duh), but I had plenty of fun making it. If you have an extra minute (actually one minute and seven seconds), you can check it out on YouTube or simply scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Stay in Touch and Win a Book

By filling in the form below, you’ll be among the first to learn about my new releases (books and art), receive exclusive discounts and get the scoop on upcoming giveaways. You can look forward to one or two emails a month. I pinky swear not to overwhelm you with emails and also promise to never share your info with anyone.

As an added bonus, each month I randomly select one person from my mailing list to win a free paperback copy of one of my books. Yes FREE – I’ll even pay for the shipping. April’s prize is a paperback copy of the original ARC edition of The Trials of Hercules: Book One of The Osteria Chronicles(Full details below)**

Creative Events in Portland – April 2015

  • All Month – Portland Art Museum hosts Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945
  • 10th – The end of the first Goodreads Giveaway for The Voyage.
  • 18th-19th – The Hardy Plant Sale where you can probably find some native plants for your garden!
  • 28th – Start of the second Goodreads Giveaway for The Voyage.
  • Wednesdays – You just never know what my Wednesday post might be…could be art, could be bees, could be non-existent.
  • Thursdays – Travel Pic Thursday! One pic + a few facts = a fun weekly post showing off my travel adventures.
  • Fridays – Tales from the world of writing.
  • Saturdays – Time for my Saturday Selections posts where I give a shout out to a book, movie, restaurant, food item, or anything else that’s put a smile on my face over the past week.

Reviews for The Trials of Hercules

I have been truly humbled by and amazed at the wealth of positive responses early readers have given The Trials of Hercules. Here’s a little sample…

  • This book was a pleasant surprise!  I was immediately pulled in within the first few pages.”Featured Image -- 2446
  • “I think this book should be rated as one of the top ten books of the year. I can’t emphasize enough how good this book was and how much I enjoyed reading it.
  • “For anyone who enjoys fantasy or history this is a book for you! An outstanding book! Very well written, engaging and truly a fun and enjoyable book to read.”
  • “It is interesting to get an inside look into the minds of the gods and realize that they may be powerful, but also more human than expected.”
  • “This book has many human ideals like heroism, corruption, love, and vindictiveness. I recommend everyone to read this.”

**Giveaway Details

  • Winners will be randomly selected on the final day of each month and contacted at the email address provided. If you don’t win, you will be automatically entered into the following month’s giveaway.
  • Sorry, but winners of paperback books must have a U.S. address. If you win and do not have a U.S. address you will be offered a free e-book version. In this case, a second winner will be randomly selected to receive the free paperback book.
  • Your information will not be shared with anyone. Ever. Except under torture. I don’t do pain.




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